DUK antennas

DUK antennas have outstanding qualities for professional use in particular for marine as well as aviation applications. The rugged antennas withstand harsh marine conditions, are highly reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

We offer three types of DUK antennas:

Our MF/HF rod and mast antennas are essential to allow for reliable (GMDSS conform) marine radio communication and are in use around the world since decades. Our NDB antennas are particularly used by airports.

All marine DUK antennas are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The lightweight antennas exhibit outstanding resilience against marine conditions (ice, wind and fouling). The antennas are even largely resistant against salt water, oils and chemicals and can be cleaned with sweet water or light soap sud. All marine antennas and accessories are tried and tested for decades and quality is strictly managed throughout the production process.

Thanks to their superior design, DUK antennas exhibit very slight deflection, are simple to install and require minimal space. Mounts, bases and tilting devices allow for a safe and easy handling of the antennas. DUK antennas can also be easily tilted when adding our tilting joints and devices. High-quality lead-in, strain and stand-off as well as lightning insulators are available to prevent unwanted voltage flows. For smaller antennas, antenna matching transformers are available in order to connect common coaxial cables.

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DUK antenna